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Have you thought about taking your kids to the zoo for their birthday? Why not let us bring the zoo to you?

With a variety of creatures on hand, we will be sure to add excitement to your son's or daughter's birthday party. The party will be the talk of the class for weeks to come.

Would your child or their friends like to hold a 4 foot long ball python snake? Or perhaps they would like their picture taken with their favorite parrot or other interesting creature! Other species include hedgehogs, ,an iguana, a bearded dragon, a veiled chameleon, a terantula, a scorpion, a crested gecko, a variety of bunnies, degus and an African tortoise.

Your kids will love it. Our family of critters is growing all the time.

Reasonable rates.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring enjoyment to all ages through a fun, interactive and educational experience with animals of many different species. We use formats such as birthday parties, shows and exhibits and are based out of strathcona county and serve the greater Edmonton area in Alberta, Canada.  We have over a dozen species of animals that we care for responsibly and our family seems to be growing all the time.   We believe others share this same type of enthusiasm about the animal kingdom but often lack the opportunity to interact with it.

That's where we come in.  Zoo 2 U will come to your home, to a senior's residence, to a daycare, to a library, to a school or just about anywhere you want us to and we'll bring our mini-"zoo" with us.  Zoo 2 U's services allow groups of people an opportunity to learn and interact with a wide variety of animals.  Perhaps you're not sure what kind of animal you want as a pet and are not sure of what responsibilities you have as a pet owner in taking care of that pet.  Give us a call and our knowledgable staff will come by with our mobile "zoo" and let you experience a wide variety of animals to help you make the right choice.

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